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Parenting Jan 2006

"Who is raising your children?"

Asks Dr. Mukolwe

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Raising Future Parents Workbook

A Bible study guide titled:

"Raising the Next Generation - Biblical Principles of Parenting"

by John S. Mahon and Stanley W. Mukolwe

How it all started

Our Story


I will never forget the time that John and Eleanor left us in their home in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1988 and went away for a week. At that time John was working for the Navigators at the Oklahoma State University where I was a student. Patience was 8 months pregnant with our first born. We took care of the Mahons’ four children – and it was pure joy.


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Apply for our 12-week parenting course. Dates for classes in 2020:

Saturdays: 15th August- 31st October 2020 (7 a.m. to 9.00 a.m.)

The cost is KES. 9,960 per person. The venue is The Navigators-Kenya.To register click on the “Class Registration” tab.

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Creating Spiritual Villages

The Kijiji* Concept

The African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” has some truth to it. In a typical African village, neighbors are blood relatives with similar values.  Issues of discipline are dealt with at the family level but enforced at the village level. 

As the African population has become increasingly urbanized, the privilege of living next door to blood relatives has been lost. But for the Christian, the village can be recreated – not the old village made up of those related by genetics – but a new village – a spiritual village – made up of those related by the blood of Christ.  The new spiritual village need not be made up of next door neighbors alone, but can consist of the rich network of relationships accessible to us wherever we have influence. 

As children get into their teenage years, peer influence becomes very significant. PWP tools have been developed for people of all ages. Parents, grandparents, young adults and children have used them to develop depth in their walk with God. Children as young as age 6 have given us positive feedback on the influence of the scriptures in their lives, as adults have helped them use this tool. When peers are intentionally influenced together for good and for God on a regular basis, the new-found depth of relationships can be developed into a spiritual village in which godly values can be nurtured.

The process can be repeated several times resulting in workers of the kingdom next door to everywhere.

But tools alone do not make disciples.  It takes a disciple to make a disciple. So register for the Peers Without Pressure(PWP) training and you will be on your way to creating your own spiritual Kijiji.

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Parenting Adolescents 

This is a 4-week course for parents with children aged 10 years and above. The class will run on the following Saturdays: 26th October to 16th November 2019.  The time: 7am to 11am. The venue is The Navigators-Kenya. The cost is KES. 9,990 per person. Limited slots available. To register click on the “Class Registration” 

Learn about Practical ways of loving your child

as you prepare him or her to be a future parent.

“Some parents love their children dearly but have no time for them. Some parents have time for their children but do not know what to do with them. Raising Future Parents will help you process where you are on this continuum” ~ Dr Mukolwe

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Raising Future Parents Book

“Dr. Mukolwe puts to death the myth that full time Christian workers and executives cannot be good parents. Having traveled in over 27 countries giving the Family Discipleship Seminars, 13 of which are in Africa, I have come to consider Dr. Mukolwe to be the single greatest advocate and authority on child-raising in all of Africa.”

Rev. John S. Mahon, President, Grace Community International, Houston, Texas, USA.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do The Classes Take?

The classes run for 12 weeks and there are two sets of classes in an year

Can you teach these principles without referring to the bible?

The bible is offensive to some people. Yet many want to embrace the principles taught in the bible without associating themselves with it. A lady walked up to me one time after attending the first of 12 sessions of our training on parenting and said, “I’m not a Christian. Do you think that you can teach the principles without referring to the bible? We have our own holy book.” I smiled at her and responded: “The bible was not written for Christians alone. It was written for all mankind. You stay in class and see me after each session so we can talk about what may be offensive to you.”

She stayed the entire 12 weeks and has been a great promoter of the class ever since. I encourage you to take time to read the bible on the subject of parenting.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

1. Session One: Functional Homes

2. Session Two: Spiritual Basis for Training and Discipline of Children

3.Session Three: The Training Process – An Explanation of Discipline

4. Session Four: The Training Process – Suggested Levels of Discipline

5. Session Five: The Training Process – Wisdom & Life Skills 1

6. Session Six: The Training Process – Wisdom & Life Skills 2

7.Session Seven: The Training Process – Fathers and Mothers

8. Session Eight: The Spiritual Development of Your Child

9. Session Nine: Drawing Near Your Child – Helping Your Child to be a Success

10. Session Ten: Drawing Near Your Child Through Play and Affection

11. Session Eleven: The Transition Years into Adolescence


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