What People Say About us

"Your materials on “Raising The Next Generation” have been a great blessing to us and our congregation. They have transformed the whole church here and the parents are yearning for more."
Josephine & Rev. Brown Chavaseki
Redeemed Gospel Church, Embakasi
"We introduced the materials to our Family Care Fellowship in June 2014. We had all sorts of challenges with the family and were looking to God for solutions. During the monthly Family Care Fellowship at least 50 couples have been mentored through the materials."
Family Care Fellowship
"On 17th November 2014, 250 parents from the Fair Oak School had an opportunity to learn about the four types of parenting styles revealed in your DVD no. 1 on Functional and Dysfunctional Homes. The results were amazing."
Graduation - Family care fellowship
The Fair Oaks School

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