Raising Future Parents Training

The Raising Future Parents 12 Week Training

We kick off the training by examining the home in which the parents in class were raised. This first session called “Functional and Dysfunctional homes” helps parents to realize who they became as a result of their upbringing. This helps them to realize how their children may experience them. We describe three types of dysfunctional homes and point out how children raised in those homes may turn out. We then paint a picture of a functional home with practical tips on how parents can attain this level of functionality.

The rest of the training equips parents with biblical convictions regarding reasons why we do what we do and gives parents step-by-step practical skills that allow parents to implement what they are learning.

Topics Covered

Who is this Class for?

This course is recommended for prospective parents as well as parents of children of all ages 0-12.

Tip: If your children are all in their teenage years, we recommend our “Parenting Adolescents” class that specifically deals with joys and challenges of raising teens. If you have teens as well as younger children, we recommend that you start with this course then enroll in the “Parenting Adolescents” course.

How does the Class run?

Our goal is to ensure that parents are immersed in the content and come out strong. Live classes are offered in Nairobi Kenya.

Class lasts for 2 and a half  hours (7.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m.) on Saturday mornings.

Parents register online and when they come to class, they receive our book called “Raising Future Parents” (RFP) as well as a study guide called “Raising The Next Generation” (RNG).

Parents are given home work which they are expected to complete before coming to class. 

Exposures of the Class

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