Peers Without Pressure

Peers Without Pressure: A Systematic Approach to Discipling Children

Peers are the biggest negative influence to our children. But there is something we can do about it. Parents should be the primary source of spiritual influence – and many parents want to be – but they have no clue how to go about it besides reading a devotional or bible story to their children.

 The PWP workshop coaches parents to systematically disciple their children. But it does more than that. 

What We Cover

  • The Discipleship Process
  • Quiet Time (Why, How and Challenges we face)
  • Scripture Memory
  • Scripture Meditation
  • Bible Study – Rooted in Christ
  • Leading Small groups
  • Introduction of Hymns
  • The Bridge Illustration – Sharing the Gospel

How the Classes Run

We meet once a week for 7 to 8 weeks.  Each meeting lasts for 3 hours. Parents first learn how to have Time Alone with God (TAWG) using a journal. The journal uses carefully framed questions that allows you to draw from passages and write down how to act on it.

We then go over the why and how of Scripture Memory and later Scripture Meditation.

Parents study in groups and discuss what it means to know God personally. Through each discussion, a step in sharing the gospel is covered. By the end of the 4th discussion, parents share the gospel systematically. This is revolutionary for parents who have known the Lord but have never led anyone to Christ.

Any child, who can read, should be able to read the Bible. While printed devotionals are great, we believe that with a little help, your child can learn from the raw Word of God.

Instead of mentoring your children, we coach you to mentor them. 

Parents who have learnt to take in God’s word for themselves are then coached to pass this on to their children. Once parents and children are consistent in taking in God’s word, the parents then invite their children’s peers to join in. Thus having parents, their children and their children’s friends hearing from God, storing up God’s word in their hearts, growing together and influencing each other with good content.  The outcome? Peers without Pressure!

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