FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Your most common questions, answered.

1. Can you teach these Principles without referring to the bible?

The bible is offensive to some people. Yet many want to embrace the principles taught in the bible without associating themselves with it. A lady walked up to me one time after attending the first session of our training on parenting and said, 

“I’m not a Christian. Do you think that you can teach the principles without referring to the bible? We have our own holy book.”

I smiled at her and responded: “The bible was not written for Christians alone. It was written for all mankind. You stay in class and see me after each session so we can talk about what may be offensive to you.”  She stayed the entire 12 weeks and has been a great promoter of the class ever since.

2. What if I can't physically attend class?

Don’t worry, We have developed an online course for distance learners and the parents who are not able to make it to class.

Click here to find out more about the online class

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